I hate “About” pages, but if this is our formal introduction, let me say, “Welcome.”

If this wasn’t the internet, I’d look you in the eyes and pull up a chair and make you a cup of coffee.  I’d ask you questions, lots of them, cause that’s my thing.  I’m curious and interested and love stories.

If you asked me my favorite things, I’d say:

Days when its cool enough to leave the back door open.

Maybe I’d talk about The West Wing (which I just finished on Netflix-gah!!)

I’d definitely pull out my phone and show you pictures of my kids.

oh, and there’s always wine. and coffee. and olives. and chocolate chip cookies and cilantro. I love cilantro.

But mostly, I love the beauty in it all.

I’ve dreamt my whole life of being a mommy — making after school snacks, putting artwork on the fridge, and giving baths after long days of playing hard.  I’m currently living that dream.  The cast of characters are far better than I ever imagined.

There is Joe (aka Lips Loveless, Babe, or my husband),photo-1


Miles (born in 2009)



and Owen (joining the party in 2012).



Oh, and here’s me (with that little Owwie-Ohs).



Thanks for stopping by, friend.

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