Hey people of the Internet,

I wanted to jump on here to tell you about the ULTIMATE solution to the growing collection of completed LEGO ships taking over your kid’s room. If you’re like me and your kiddo spends HOURS constructing ship after ship, MASTERPEICES, if you will, that MUST remain in high places away from little brothers, you are left with the question: WHAT IS ONE TO DO WHEN WE RUN OUT OF HIGH PLACES? I have a really good solution. And you guys, I feel like we could break Pinterest with this idea.

I can’t take all the credit though because Step One was my husband’s idea:

STEP 1: Do a photo shoot of all the ships so that your kiddo can have a directory of all his/or her creations. This makes the dismantling a little more bearable. And it shows them how much you value their hard work.

We did this a few weeks ago and it was really fun – Miles told lots of friends/grandparents about his photo shoot. We rode that wave for a day or or two, but then we were all, “so what do we do with these pictures?”

And that’s when genius struck. It was Miles’ birthday at the beginning of August and Joe and I were planning what to get him. We had a few gifts already picked out but a few days before his party, Miles was so eager to see and count the days, he asked if we could get him a calendar. {LIGHT BULB!} School would be starting in a few weeks and I knew that counting days to various holidays and school events would be a big deal this year since Miles is now five and the calendar is something he is very familiar with after pre-school. So…

STEP 2: Turn your pictures of the LEGO creations into a CALENDAR!

It’s so easy to do! We did ours through Walgreens and it was available the next day. Joe came up with sayings to go with each ship and it really added to the project. Miles loved it and my heart basically burst with this creative, intentional way we could honor his creativity.

Here’s a few picture of the calendar.




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