Family Pictures

It’s not lost on me that this blog needs to be resurrected LIKE WHOA.  It has been collecting dust for months while I’ve been tending other pastures, a la my little Etsy shop, The State of Cate and also, you know, CHILDREN.  Several of my friends have been posting more on their little corners of the Internet and I’ve been reading and LOVING their blogs.  I’ve realized the blogs I love the most are the people I know and can’t see every day.  Reading their thoughts online keep them close as my people, keeps our hearts tethered in some way.

To kick off my Writing on the Internet Again Campaign, I figured I would share some recent family pictures taken by my LOVELY friends at Stella & Calypso. (They are currently running a special, making a photo shoot way, way, way affordable so contact them asap!)  I’ve shared some of these on Facebook, but I will post more here.

Let me just say, we’ve never done professional family pictures with just the four of us.  It’s always seemed like it would be too much money, too much hassle, and we just never really made it happen.  Let me tell you: IT IS WORTH IT.  I will have these moments FOREVER.  The night before Miles graduates, I will BAWL looking at these.  Owen’s wedding?  These pictures will be etched in my heart with ALL THE NOSTALGIA IN THE WHOLE WORLD.  Sure, I’ll have massive iPhone dumped pictures everywhere, probably on several social medias (Will Instagram still be around?) but these have a folder on my hard drive.  These have a folder and a date and I will never forget them. I highly recommend getting some family pictures taken.  You will thank me in 20 years.

These children don't lack spunk and personality.

Throwing Miles in air Bike Kiss Cutie Patootie Owen Family Train Miles & Mom Bike Train Miles & Mom Same BikeMiles & MommyMiles Hanging w Dad bent arms mommy lauging with Miles Owen & Mommy Owen bubbles Owen laughing Turny Bike Kiss Upsidedown Silly Face Miles Owen Mama hug Miles on the trike Miles & Mom folded hands Fire Truck kiss



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