A Quick Post :: 25 Things To Be Happy About: Mom Version


Kelle Hampton was over at AllParenting writing about 14,000 things to be happy about: mommy addition, and it inspired me to jot down a few of my own yesterday. Here’s where I noted joy as I interacted with the wee-ones in my house:

  • Finding them lost in a book
  • Babies with triangle toe nails
  • Talking a mile a minute after a good day at school
  • That low moan as the baby falls asleep
  • Ticklish thighs
  • Bear crawling when they get particular about what surfaces their knees touch as they crawl
  • When they reach that age where they whisper “You stay here, mom” as they run off with some newly made friends at the park
  • Surprising them with an after school treat
  • How they touch your face when they are tired and want to snuggle
  • Shoes on the wrong feet
  • Pants/underwear on backwards
  • Watching them hold hands with their friends
  • Artwork that amazes you and genuinely deserves a frame
  • Early morning cartoons
  • CrissCross Apple Sauce and other phrases from school
  • Watching them sit and play with Legos at the table
  • Popsicles outside
  • Introducing them to things from your childhood (like push pops)
  • Happy baby chatter after naps
  • When they mimic you sticking out your tongue.
  • When they learn to shake their head no.
  • When they start saying “uh oh” to everything.
  • Lifting cool washcloths to fevered foreheads and by doing so, joining a tribe of women who have done so for centuries.
  • That moment you become “Miles’ mom”, not just to kids but teachers and other parents.

I’d love to hear what delights you about being a mother. Hard days can always use lists like these.

Be well, sweet friends:)

P.S. If you’ve never read Kelle’s blog post about her daughter, Nella, please, please, please grab a cup of coffee and some tissue (for the ugly cry) and read it HERE. You’ll thank me later.


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