Link Love

Below are links that moved my soul recently. Each one made me cry out loud, snot dripping, hands in the air, reading aloud to others, and shouting “MEEE TOOO!” I love the internet.


My September chalkboard art inspired by the ole internet!

If you want to see brave, read THIS.  A piece on our bodies, sacred and scarred.“The one of the belly with the craters and the canyons, unblemished skin drawn haphazardly next to the skin that laid down and said, “I cannot do this. I cannot grow any more. Not one more bit,” and was stretched anyway, like all of motherhood?”

If you want to see barrier breaking, read THIS.  A piece on our sexuality, sacred and scarred. When we create rules and regulations based in fear of something we miss the opportunity to give LOVE the chance to banish what we are afraid of.”

If you want to see powerful, read THIS.  A piece on our parenting, sacred and scarred.Because that’s the crux of it, isn’t it?  I could have turned his hearing aid on, problem solved.  It would have made everything better, lightened the load for my sweet boy who has already borne so much this year.  It was all I wanted to do really.  Just turn the damn hearing aid back on and make it better.” 


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