Kids Say The Very Best Things (Part 4)


I’m still jotting down the ridiculous things my 4 years old, Miles, says on the regular.  I store them up until the list is substantial enough to post on here.  Soon enough, Owen (who is almost 1 year old) will be joining these posts!

You can read previous posts here, here, and here.

Below are latest for your enjoyment: 

1.) Every day Miles asks, “Is baby Owen a kid yet?”

2.) The way Miles measures things: “Mommy I can’t reach it. I’m only 7 minions tall.” (Minions are the little yellow guys in the movie, Despicable Me)

3.) MILES: Mommy? When I grow up, I can do grown up things?

ME: Sure, buddy. What kind of grown up things do you want to do?

MILES: I want to cook things and have a hat like Inspector Gadget and fix things and drive a car …

JOE: Do you want to have some kids?

MILES: Sure. I’ll have some kids and a League of Incredible Vegetables! (The Veggie Tales superheroes)

4.) Miles kept forgetting the word “way” in the phrase “No way, Jose!” And instead keeps yelling “No, Jose!”

5.) “Mommy, we can say ‘poopie’ to bad guys, right?”

6.) “Mommy, me and JD say ‘hate’ sometimes. It’s a bad word, but we HAVE to say it because we DO hate girls. (shakes head)  We really do.”

 7.) While playing school, Miles announced it was his turn to be the teacher. When I asked him what he’d like to teach, he said “I like to teach numbers and books and bear hunts. ”  You know, all the proficiencies.

 8.) Somehow, Miles adamantly believes that girls are not kids. He says there are kids (who are boys) and girls (who are girls). He clarified later and said that girls can also be called “babies”. {That little jerk}.

 9.) Instead of saying “knock it off” Miles has been saying “knock it over” which is a very confusing phrase when said to his little brother.

10.) Also, he’s been saying,”Daddy is going to flip up!” Instead of “flip out.”

11.) Miles informed me that he doesn’t hate girls anymore. He likes to play with them. I asked him what happened to make him change his mind and he said, “I filled my heart up and it came back to me! It came back to life!”

12.) Before Joe leaves for work, Miles says, “Don’t forget…don’t bump into cars!”

13.) Miles: oh sorry you didn’t hear me right. I said TATE not HATE.

Me: of course you did.

 14.) Miles, upon opening a birthday card with $5 “I got money! Money’s my favorite!!!” Then he sings, “Money, money, my favy, favy, favorite.”  If this kid is anything, he is subtle.

15.) “If my name is in the middle (of a piece of paper) that means I’m the center of the unicourse!” (He meant “universe” and he was serious.)

16.) My favorite thing Miles has been talking about lately has been that he is an Invention Man, or as he pronounces it, a “Bention Man.”  If you ask him what he invents he will say his “noodle-inater” or “bubblegum-inater.”  

 17.) I’m in the bathroom with the door closed and Miles opens the door. “I know you’re going potty but you can’t leave yourself alone!! I need to be with you when you are alone!” God-forbid I ever leave myself alone.

 and lastly, this exchange happened today:

18.) Me: Miles, why is there pee on the bathroom floor and walls?!?

Miles: oh. I had to kill a bug.

Me: Of course you did.




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