A Mile From My House

Last week, I started an Instagram series called #aboutamile.  The idea was that I simply take pictures of various things that are about a mile from my house.  It has been a fun exploration in my surroundings and gives me new eyes to see the things of my short perimeter.  Below are some of the pictures I have snapped so far.

This exercise also has the uncomfortable nature of being the creepy neighbor.  When I stopped my car to snap this picture, I felt the need to explain myself to anyone within ear shot.  I would not make a good photo journalist.

When I took this photo, the horse’s owner pulled his pick up truck right next to me on the side of the road.  I was nervous at first, afraid I had infringed on some trespassing violation (even though I was still on the road side. ) Instead, he wanted to chat with me about my interest in horses, if I ride them, and if I’d like to buy one.  I told him we don’t have the space but I love that I get to see them so often when I drive by.  He told me to bring the kids over and feed them sometime.  Apparently, this photo experiment may have some perks.

I will publish more pics as I take them.  You can also friend me on Instagram at http://instagram.com/catiephelanloveless


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