Why I painted my Laundry Room Yellow

Joe told me I should write a blog with this title and I told him it would be a short blog.  I literally woke up a few days ago, looked at the white walls in my house (aka every single one of them) and snapped.  I chose the laundry room because it was a small room and could be closed off should things go South.

I went to the hardware store, spent maybe 20 minutes looking at a few color swatches before buying a quart (not even a gallon) of Forsyth Blossom.  “A quart?” you ask.  Yes, a quart.  I asked for a half gallon and when they said they only do gallons or quarts, I felt cheap and decided to see if I could do the whole room for $12.75.  I couldn’t, fyi. But I was close.

I called my mom because yellow paint, you guys, and obviously this type of crisis requires back up for the children. There’s no telling what could go down during a White Wall Crisis.  Warning: Lady with yellow paint on the loose. Hide yo kids, hide yo wife. She gonna be paintin’ everything up in here!
I’m a freak. I know.

Now I have a BRIGHT yellow laundry room and WHITE walls everywhere else.  When Joe got home he looked physically upset. When I asked if it was because he didn’t like it he said, “No, I like it.  It’s just ‘If you give a mouse a cookie’…” His voice trailed off as he tried to avoid eye contact and rightly so.  If you give Catie a yellow laundry room, she will want paint swatches for the rest of your house, and if she gets paint swatches for the rest of your house, she’s gonna want a soft grey family room to go with it.

As it turns out, my laundry room is now my favorite room in the house. This doesn’t bode well for me, functionally speaking, as I still detest laundry. But, at least, I can do something I abhor in a space that I love. A little room that wakes up the happy in me. That’s what yellow does, folks, it wakes up the happy.

I’ve been a little bunting crazy lately, I have to admit. I am definitely on the verge of putting myself on a triangle flag time out. But this room screamed for whimsy and nothing does that better than a sweet little bunt-banner. I mean, come on! I made this one with paper and grey yarn I had in my craft closet. So, cost was $ZERO and it doesn’t get better then that. It’s totes Joe-approved. (If it costs nothing, then this mouse can bunt up the whole house for all he cares.)

I bought the letters on the wall from JoAnn’s Fabrics for about $4 each. (It spells WASH if that isn’t obvious.) They are actually made out of cardboard so they are super light weight. I gave them a dry-brushed top coat of white acrylic paint I had on hand. It made them look like distressed wood, which I love.

All in all, my color anemic spontaneous painting project cost:
2 quarts of Forsyth Blossom (yellow) paint — $25.50 ($12.75 ea)
4 cardboard letters from JoAnn’s Fabrics — $16 (roughly $4 ea)
Bringing the grand total to $41.50

Not bad. Maybe this mouse can get another cookie… 🙂


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