An Hour on Thursday {Part 2}

It’s exactly 12:30pm.  Welcome to An Hour on Thursday.

I have so many post ideas running around in my head it will be interesting to see how this turns out.

I feel like I am apt to go on a trail-of-thought parade, so bear with me.  (Is it bare or bear?  Because I don’t want to infer that there is a bear with me…)  See what I mean.

One of the things I was thinking about this morning was birthdays on Facebook.  It’s strange, right?  It seems as if collectively we have come up with maybe 4 strategies for dealing with receiving annual birthday messages on Facebook. This is how I see it:

a.) The birthday guy/girl can like ALL of the birthday comments.  This is a fine strategy but leaves me wondering about the old adage “if everything is special, nothing is special.”  Know what I mean?

b.) The birthday guy/girl can like only the comments from people they weren’t expecting a “Happy Bday” from, perhaps a person they forgot they were even friends with on FB.  OR they could like only the particularly funny or heartfelt comments.  This strategy makes me nervous.  Feelings could get hurt.

c.) The birthday guy/girl can comment on all the comments.  This is laborious and time consuming and it is their birthday, man.  Also, “Thank you” can only be said so many different ways.

d.) The birthday guy/girl can wait until later that evening and then post a general “Thank you for all your birthday well wishes today! It’s meant so much!”  This seems the safest option and also serves as a gentle reminder to any non-commenters that “Hey, its still my birthday, comment while you can!”

Phew, I’m glad to have gotten that piece of Pulitzer Prize writing off my chest.  WHAT AM I DOING?      DO I HAVE TO POST THIS?  I have 19 minutes left.  And my phone is somehow in a dead zone where my pictures won’t post to my blog so I can’t even post cute pics of my kids to kill time.

This experiment is failing at this point. I want to just stop and Google things like “How to cross stitch” and “What does Google Glass do?” (There’s a guy in the coffee shop wearing them and its freaking me out.)


Ok. I confess. I just googled the thing about the glasses.  It was really freaking me out. (How cool are those things, btw?!) BUT at least I didn’t get lost in a world of cross stitching lessons, so you’re welcome.

Maybe next week I will post something a little more…well, normal.

In the mean time, here’s a picture I found on the computer of my husband.  Perfect.

Over and out.


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