An Hour on Thursday {Part 1}

It’s 2:36pm.

I’m sitting at a coffee shop, with a chai latte to my right, computer open, and a blank page below these letters I am typing at this very moment.  I am trying a new experiment.  It’s called an hour on Thursday.  

We’ve been operating on a new schedule in our house.  On Tuesdays and Thursdays, Joe takes the kids and I take the afternoon to write. I needed some creative time to myself to flex my fingers across this keyboard and see what comes.  I’ve issued myself a challenge for Thursdays: write for one hour and post it no matter what.  I have a timer and an alarm set on my phone and I’m just a-writing til it dings.

Writing is a ghostly, illusive beast, ain’t she?  I’ve spent most of my life not writing (or drawing or painting or making a plethora of other things) because the mystical creature called Inspiration just didn’t feel like showing up.  It’s not her fault, I’d reason, she must be busy with people who get paid to do this. But like most things, if you wait until you feel like doing something hard, you will likely never do it.  So, I’m trying this new way – the sit your butt in the chair, girl, and write whether you feel like it or not method.  My friend, Abby encouraged me to do this.  She said creativity is a discipline just like anything else.  The funny thing about writing is that it never turns out like you expected.  All morning, as I was making breakfast and wiping crumbs from the table and wiping faces and wiping bottoms, I was writing blogs in my head – but none of them were this blog.  It’s kind of fun to show up and see what happens.

See you next Thursday.

P.S. If you’re wondering why it took me an hour to write such a short post, please note that there is a picture AND a link in this post and this girl is rusty.  Those took a good 20 min. each.  I’ll get better, I promise:)


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