All DAHY, son!

This week I had a Mexican stand off (is that a thing?) (wait…is it a racist thing? hold on, let me check the internets…)
(My research points to yes, it is a thing,

a googled thing,

and its not really racist cause no one knows where it came from)

Carrying on…I was in a Mexican stand off with my 3 year old over taking his antibiotic. It looked like this

and this

and this.

At around 35 min into our 1 hour and 12 minute stalemate, (he was on timeout til he took his medicine) I remembered THIS scene from New Girl. (the word THIS is a hyper link, FYI. Well, not that THIS, the first THIS. My husband tried to tell me I could imbed the video, since it’s not clear you click on it to watch the clip, but I reminded him that I write blogs from my phone. I don’t know how to do fancy imbedding.)
Anyway, Schmidt is the best. The beeeeeeeest.
“I can do this. I am not afraid. I can do this all DAHY!”
I may have said that out loud to my very confused 3 year old. “All DAHY, son!”
He eventually relented and took his medicine.
That was until medicine round two came. Mid-Mexican Standoff Part Dos, this happened:

Apparently, he too could do this all DAHY.


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