Miles-isms Part 2

These are the days when sweet old ladies warn moms like me to write down the things my 3 year old is saying because I WILL forget and these years are over before you know it. This is me heeding their advice. Here’s what Miles has been saying lately:

1. Miles just announced that no girls are allowed in the house. When I asked him “what about me? I’m a girl” – he laughed and “No you’re not, your just a mommy!”

2. Joe was trying to convince Miles to eat more of his dinner, to which Miles replied, “Daddy, I’m not hungry anymore, i promise! Ask my tummy..(He then lowered his voice) I’m Miles tummy and I’m really full!!”

3. I put some glitter pens out of reach and Miles came running yelling, “hey!! My farkalies! My farkalies! (Sparkalies) You moved my farkalies!”

4. Miles was asking questions about the breast pump, so I was trying to explain it to him and used the word “tatas”, which I had never used w him before.
A lightbulb went on and he said, “oh, I know! That’s from a movie!”
I assured him that I was 100% positive it wasn’t in a movie he’s seen.
He said, “yea mommy, it’s from The Lion King! You know, “Hakuna MaTATAS, what a wonderful thing!!”

5. Joe and I told Miles not to touch the bottle of wine we had sitting on the table and his response was (I kid you not),”but it’s Gods plan. He wants me to.” Lord, help us!

6. When watching anything recorded on the tv, Miles always says “mommy I want to watch ‘ammercials’ (commercials)”.

7. One of his go to phrases when he forgets something or does something goofy, he says “silly ole me”

8. While watching the Disney movie Brave, I made the observation that a scene in the movie was sad. Miles responded matter of factly, “Well, sad things happen.”

9. When he’s disappointed about something it’s, “ah, nuts” or more recently, “ah tickle sticks”

10. While driving in the car, Owen started crying and Miles sang him a made up song that went, “goodnight sleep tight baby Owen you silly gilly gumball”


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