Today, I’m sick. Like in bed, moaning, with tissues all around me and medicine (tums, tylonal and saline nasal spray) on the floor and a million pillows in various formations in an attempt to get comfortable. I don’t know what I have but I know cures are limited because I’m housing an infant inside me who says most drugs are a no, no. Waaaah!

I can’t sleep because I can’t breath and I can’t breath because a) everything that enables one to breath is clogged and b) I have an infant crushing my lungs. Should I go on? Oh I will… my throat hurts, my head hurts, my lips are chapped, and my right butt cheek hurts (but I think that’s unrelated to sickness and more to baby).

All of these things stink, for sure, but bellied-up right next to all my discomfort, the most lovely thing happened this morning. I was half awake/half dead to the world when I faintly heard Joe say to Miles, “No, no buddy. Don’t go wake up Mommy. We are going to let her sleep today and Daddy is going to stay home and work.”

The kindness of this man, I tell you. He didn’t ask me if I needed him to take over. He didn’t come in, kiss my head, say “hope you feel better”, and head out to work. He made the decision for me that he was going to take care of me. That’s one good husband.

As I’m typing, I can hear him now, outside my bedroom door, answering ten million questions about Buzz Lightyear and swimming lessons and I think I heard something about a bow tie. (?) haha.

He is juggling his world and my world so that I can lay in this bed and moan and half sleep and half breath and, hopefully, feel better soon.

Goodness, I love him.

Miles turned 3!!

On August 6, 2012, my baby (who is not really my baby anymore) turned 3 years old! He asked for a Toy Story birthday party so we did a Buzz colored Pizza Planet station for the food and Woody colored Al’s Toy Barn station for the presents.

The Pizza Planet sign I made a few weeks in advance and hid under my bed…it would have been a complete surprise except that one day I had it out during nap time and Miles woke up super early. I didn’t hear him coming until he gasped and said, “oooh, Mommy! Das cool!”. Precious little.

I used an old painting we currently don’t have hanging in our house and covered it with green wrapping paper fromTarget, $2.89 or something like that. I cut letters, stars, the 3 and little planets inside the P’s from construction paper. My mom actually got Miles a jumbo Toy Story coloring book a while ago, so I took out a Buzz and Woody and spent several nap times coloring them with old fashion Crayola crayons.

We decided to just do a family dinner with pizza, salad, and some little extra treats. Of course, every birthday needs balloons.

The little extra treats included these green alien chocolate covered marshmallows, which were super simple to make. {melted white chocolate, food coloring, and store bought candy eye balls}

I just cut out letters from construction paper

We played Pin the Star on Woody- a very unstructured rendition of Pin the Star…there were no prizes, not sure if the 3 yr olds got the game. But it was cute.

Unfortunately, we took no pictures with an actual camera and this is the only family shot we go at the end of the night using the ole iPhone. {Miles is wearing his pirate bandana from one of his gifts, in case you were wondering}

Me and my boy. (27 weeks preggo in this pic, btw. Miles hides me well:)

The next morning was a fallen balloon fest.

Until he literally got so tangled Joe had to use the jaws of life to get him out.

Happy birthday, my first born, blue-jean color eyed, silly, boisterous, talkative, wonderful, 3 year old boy. I love you!