It’s a BOY!

Before we knew what baby#2 was going to be, we decided to do the big reveal using balloons: blue for a boy and pink for a girl. I saw it on Pinterest. (Its one of those rare things on Pinterest that I actually did rather than just Pin and pretend I did). Anyway, we invited over some friends and family to watch our balloon launch. Several things went wrong. 1. We didn’t get a professional photographer because we are in the business of saving money, so i handed our camera to my step-dad and told him to shoot. The problem was I had it on a setting that did one shot/second and he started a bit too soon…so we don’t REALLY have pictures of the balloons come out of the box. HA! 2. The second thing that we didn’t expect was that the balloons were so tightly packed into the box they did not float out like we imagine…we had to keep pulling them out. Makes for an awkward reveal. Either way, my mom cried and we are having a baby boy. Two boys. Brothers. Sons. It took a day for me to wrap my brain around all the testosterone that will be invading my house for the next 18 or so years. But I am elated. I get to have boys (emphasis on the s)!! Here are some pictures from our balloon failure to launch:


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