New York City

On May 25th, 2004 Joe turned 20 years old. We had been dating for three months (long distance) and I flew to Orlando from Chicago so I could celebrate with him. Part of his birthday present that year was the movie, Newsies. We both LOVED this movie, like serious “we know every single line” type of love.

We also dressed Miles as Cowboy Jack Kelly (the main character) for Halloween when he was one year old.

So when Joe’s parents approached me about surprising Joe for his birthday this year and taking him to NYC to see Newsies on Broadway, I jumped at the chance!

Here are some pics from our trip:

My King of New York:)

Eating lunch at Dean & Deluca.

Times Square.

Double decker bus tour – best way to see the city.


Us before the show.

I told Joe we had to take a lot of pictures in that moment because I just did my make up and if we wait things could go down hill.

With Joe’s parents outside of the theatre. I’m so thankful to have in-laws that are so much fun to vacation with!

After the show, (it was AMAZING, btw) we walked downstairs to leave and they made an announcement that the NYPD asked the theatre to keep us inside because of something going on outside. So, the cast came out and said, “Well, this has never happened before…hey guys…(awkward pause)” So, they entertained us for a bit – totally impromptu, answering questions, just being goofy trying to pass the time.

Turns out, President Obama was outside in his motorcade, leaving a fundraising event. He literally shut down Times Square with the amount of police.

Grabbing a pic with my hubby (and a photo bomber….my father-in-law:)

Take two.

Joe and his dad, taking in the sights.

Also, batman.

The next day, we went to meet up with our ole friend, Jon Tyson, for a few hours. We had such a fantastic time catching up and chatting about ministry in the city. Love him & so grateful for his influence I our lives.

Then, we were off to lunch at this cute place in SoHo (forget the name).

Enjoying lunch:)

And a little cupcake action after. (I devoured the pb&j one before I thought to take a pic:)

Onward with our tour…a little drizzle outside. Joe was embarrassed that I donned the poncho unashamedly.

But he got over it.

Dinner that night at an Italian place I also forgot the name of but was delish.

After dinner, we took a buggy ride through Central Park.

Me & my MIL 🙂

The next day, it was more sight seeing and shopping. We went to 5th ave, then took a boat ride and saw this beaut, The Statue of Liberty.

We also saw the rebuilding of the Twin Towers…to be named Freedom Towers. Tower one is about 3/4 complete in this pic.

And just before we caught our plane, we enjoyed a fancy shmancy lunch outside of 30 Rock and the NBC studios.

The food was fantastic…and the people watching even better. Hello nicely dressed New Yorkers:)

More of the cuisine:)

And one last shot before we head back south:)

It was an amazing experience and a first time trip for both Joe and myself. We loved NYC!


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