Miles- isms

Here are some of my favorite expressions Miles says these days:

1. “A little help here.” He says this for lots of things, putting on his shoes, falling over the side of the couch, etc. but my mom taught him to say it during swimming lessons when his teacher had him float on his back, which was funny.

2. “oh das cool!”

3. “I do it ALLLL myself.” The “ALLLL” is drawn out and a higher pitch, which makes it adorable.

4. One day, out of the blue he came up to me and said, “hello, good lookin!” When I asked him where he heard that he said without hesitation, “Stuffy (a stuffed dragon) on Doc McStuffins said dat.”. Sure enough, I watched an episodes with him and it’s true. Later, at church, he wanted to hold the door for everyone as they walked out and said to each person, “Hello, good lookin!” and “good bye, good lookin!”. It made for some good laughs.

5. “Is the sun laking (waking) up?”. He says this because in the morning if he comes in our room before the sun is up we tell him he has to go back to bed until the sun wakes up. But he started saying it through out the day to avoid naps and bedtime because he reasons that if the sun is up, he can be up.

6. He usually ends most things he says with “…and then I watch a movie?” It’s his very, very, very, very favorite thing to do. So, why not ask for it all the time? ALL THE TIME.

7. One of his favorite games to play is to have Daddy chase him around the house. He initiates the game by squealing, “Don’t get me, Daddy!!” and running away. Not sure how his little brain computes in reverse psychology but it works.

8. A few weeks ago, we were at the gym and stopped to say hi to a neighbor. Without being prompted Miles made introductions, in case they forgot. He said, “Oh hi, I’m Miles and this is my friend, Mommy”. Since then, he regularly introduces Joe and I as his friends:)


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