Our life lately

Here I am 15 weeks pregnant with baby#2! (I’m 17 weeks as of today, but not up for changing out of my pj’s & doing my hair to take another picture that I feel ok with putting on the Internet. I’m sure you understand.)

The big brother-to-be is loving life these days. We are on a big superhero kick. He randomly runs in the room, one fist in the air, saying, “superhero save the day!”. I love this kid.

It was Joe’s 28th birthday on Friday, so we had a few friends and family over to the house to celebrate. Here’s his cupcakes in leu of birthday cake.

And here are mini caprese salad appetizers I made too… I love basil. It reminds me of my Grandpa Belmonte.

I captured this shot of Miles the other day. I love how he’s sitting – how he’s engrossed in his book – how he chose to open the door and sit outside. He’s such a cool kid.

And here’s the little buggar burying his legs in the sandbox 🙂

Quiznos with Daddy…

Playing with my mom’s new dog, Bear…

And generally being goofy with mommy:)


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