Summa’ Time at the Splash Park

We love downtown Winter Garden, FL…especially since they’ve added a new splash park area! It’s a refreshing way to spend the morning, which is exactly what we did today.

I love that they kept the old world charm of downtown by using brick instead of plastic or rubber flooring.

This little boy had a blast.

And he thought it was pretty funny to sit on the spout and squirt water from his shorts. (boys!! 🙂 )

After we had our far share of water time, we got dressed and walked down the block for some ice cream.

A perfect end to a sweet outing at a favorite spot.

The Story of a Freckle

Once there was a little boy named Miles, who was born with not a mark on his face. He had two eyes, to be sure, the color of dark, blue jean denim. His nose was a button and his cheeks round like cherubs. But his skin was left as pure as white milk – no birth mark, no scratch, and no freckle to be found.
That is, until he turned 2 years, 4 months, 26 days, and 7 hours old. At that exact moment something miraculous occurred: a freckle, the color of German chocolate cake, fell from the sky and landed upon his little nose.

He didn’t even notice it at first or pay any attention when that one freckle called its freckle friends to join the party.

It isn’t hard to understand why a family of freckles would take up residence on a face like this:

This face knows how to have fun.

Miles liked his freckles. He liked to wrinkle in nose and make them dance. He liked trying to count them. He even liked when his mommy would chase him around the house trying to eat his freckles. (She was convinced they tasted like German Chocolate Cake.). The freckles didn’t mind so much either because they found a home on the button nose of one stupendous little boy.

The End.

Our life lately

Here I am 15 weeks pregnant with baby#2! (I’m 17 weeks as of today, but not up for changing out of my pj’s & doing my hair to take another picture that I feel ok with putting on the Internet. I’m sure you understand.)

The big brother-to-be is loving life these days. We are on a big superhero kick. He randomly runs in the room, one fist in the air, saying, “superhero save the day!”. I love this kid.

It was Joe’s 28th birthday on Friday, so we had a few friends and family over to the house to celebrate. Here’s his cupcakes in leu of birthday cake.

And here are mini caprese salad appetizers I made too… I love basil. It reminds me of my Grandpa Belmonte.

I captured this shot of Miles the other day. I love how he’s sitting – how he’s engrossed in his book – how he chose to open the door and sit outside. He’s such a cool kid.

And here’s the little buggar burying his legs in the sandbox 🙂

Quiznos with Daddy…

Playing with my mom’s new dog, Bear…

And generally being goofy with mommy:)