Country Girl

I haven’t been subtle about my new found love for the country. I mention it to Joe only 357 times a day. So, for my 29th birthday this year my sweet hubby got me what every country girl loves – a horse! Well, not actually a horse, per se, but he did get me horse back rising lessons… And when he sees how good I am, he’s sure to buy me a horse of my very own!!! yeeeee-haw!!!!!! Er…probably not.

But I loved my first riding lesson at La Finca Stables:) Here I am with Leo the horse. He was so sweet. I spent the first 30 min just grooming him and chatting with him about our shared love for peppermints. (Did you know horses love peppermints as treats!?!)

Miles watched proudly (and said every few minutes, “ok my turn?”)

We did a lot of balancing, posture, and rhythm exercises and then moved right into trotting. Since my previous horse experience has mainly been trail rides, it was super fun to learn how to trot.

All in all, it was a fabulous birthday gift and I can’t wait until this week’s lesson!

In closing, I can’t leave a post about horses without a little Seinfeld quote…my hubby loves this scene: “Who moves from a pony country to a NON-pony country?! It doesn’t make any sense!”. 🙂


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