The Paci Story

This is Miles and his cousin, JD.

They’ve been buddies from way back.

Way, way back. (They are 4 weeks apart.)

They are now 2 and a half years old. Big boys. Big boys, who almost go pee-pee on the potty, sit in big boy chairs, and DON’T USE PACI’S! Paci’s are for babies, or so we’ve trained them to say. It’s been a hard transition because paci’s are like crack to 2 yr old boys.

Well, a few months ago we were babysitting JD at our house and the boys were playing in Miles’ room. They were being extraordinarily quiet so Joe went in to check on them and this, my friends, is the scene he found:

While playing, the boys had eyed two stray, forgotten paci’s under Miles’ crib, against the wall. They silently moved any obstacles (toy basket, rug, etc.) and pushed the crib away from the wall so they could retrieve their longed for baby-hood succulent pacifiers. Joe walks in and the two of them are crouching behind the crib, each with a paci in his mouth like two teenagers smokings cigarettes behind the house! They looked up at him, eyes like saucers, caught in the act, and actually asked Joe if he wanted in on the action: “oh, paci Daddy?” Miles said holding it out to him.

The most amazing part is that later that night, without being prompted, JD confessed to his daddy, “I found paci at miles’ house.” Jon asked him, “You didn’t suck on it though, did you? Cause those are for babies.” And my sweet, honest nephew said, “I did, daddy. I did.”


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