What’s in a name

These days, there are few things I love more than deciphering the words my two year old, Miles says. Here’s a list of words he’s made up for various things:

1. Mina = Banana

2. Ginga = Sippy Cup

3. Mino = Bob the Tomato (aka “I want to watch Veggie Tales!”)

4. Too-ease = Cookies

5. Tease = Keys

6. Supa Guys = any super hero action figure, including but not limited to Superman, Batman, Spiderman, Captain America, Buzz Lightyear, & himself

7. ‘Merica = his Captain America action figure he got for his birthday. He regularly walks around the house saying, “Come on, ‘Merica!” (my thoughts exactly, son:)

And last but not least,
8. Moat = Remote (but we don’t have one of these, I just thought it was funny and kinda awesome)

There are things, however, my son says with PERFECT clarity and also, 135 times a day. This includes but is not limited to:
1. Mommy!!!
2. iPad
3. Daddy
4. Paci
5. Mine!