Some of my favorites pics from summer

It’s hitting the end of August, kids (not mine) are back in school, Fall is a distant ache in the hearts of us Florida folks, but the “summer” is closing up shop – at least in our minds (the temperature outside won’t agree with us until Novemeber.) Here are some good shots we grabbed this Summa’:

A family pic!

Always smootchin’ , this one.

Or throwin’ things…

Joe caught this light early in the morning while on vacay in BlueRidge, GA

Miles learned there are still consequences on “Baycation” as he calls it. Also caught on camera by my Canadian Bacon, Joseph Chandler Loveless (who’s country of origin is Oh Canada!)

Picture turned painting, anyone? I usually don’t like this Photoshop filter but here it suits me just fine.

A good G’daddy usually has at least 2 G’babies hanging on him at all times.

Joe says if we had the Canon 5D or 7D, the blurry to in focus contrast in this pic would be better. I told him we are not professional photographers so the picture is just fine.

Here is Joe showing us how they fish in Canada – so he claims. I think not.

Action shot of my BIL, Action Jonny and his two pip-squeaks

Early morning rock to end our trip in GA…

But THEN we flew to the great north (Minnesota) to visit THIS GUY

Baby Eli – my brother Sean’s new bundle of cuteness

This is one of the world’s great new mommies. She’s my fav.

Oh! And my dad came.

But seriously – look at this mommy and yawning little. I’ll take credit for this shot. 🙂 (smiles proudly)

And this one of UncPat and his trusty gUI-tar.

All my sibs…a rare a beauteous occasion

And we’ll end it with another family shot!

I could go on forever posting pic after pic. There’s no one to stop me…accept a certain two year old who has just awoken from a nap.

Cheers to summer!


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