Grey is the new black – literally.

There is no denying the facts: I have an increasing amount of grey hair. There, I said it. (On the interweb, no less). The horror! The insanity! The tragedy!

I’ve loved having black hair my whole life. I’ve never had to fuss with high lights or low lights or toning or bleaching or foiling or sitting under those funny head dryers. I’ve just had black hair.

But NOW I have black AND white hair – and THAT, my friends, is a noticeable color difference. So, yesterday: this was me…home-dying my roots and embarking on a new phase of life I’m calling “I refuse to look like that lady on What Not To Wear”.

I chose a box that said Root Rescue, since it’s sense of urgency fit my mood.

I wore creepy gloves…

Read the directions…

And waited the amount of time the directions suggested…

Want to know the result?

Welp…IT DIDN’T WORK! As in, the white hair is still white and the rest of my hair looks the same! I guess I didn’t wait long enough for the dye to rescue my roots.



One thought on “Grey is the new black – literally.

  1. oh girl I have grey hair all over…except that my dye job worked:)keep going girl…or just be the woman on what not to wear-it kinda is cool??

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