Mothers of Preschoolers

Starting to mentally leave summer behind. Gearing up for MOPS @ Discovery Church and I’m struck by how profound it is to share these years of mothering with women who want to journey well. Here is an except from this year’s material:

“…MomSense overrides my fears and failures and reminds me that motherhood is my greatest adventure to date. Being a great mom doesn’t mean being a perfect mom; that’s not the deal we enter into when we bring that first gangly baby home. Every mom fails, every mom feels overwhelmed, every mom cries, every mom blows it so profoundly she is not sure she can even tell her friends

But the other side of the story includes the moments when your children are piled on your lap as you read to them in funny voices while they snuggle into the crook of your arm. It certainly includes your attempts to keep a straight face when your daughter says the funniest thing that has ever been said, while you pretend to take her seriously and then rush to call your mom. It is the spot on the back of your son’s neck after a bath that dares you not to kiss the tarnation out of it. It’s the tender moments when you wipe tears and kiss dirty faces and hold little hands and brush out hair. It is a love so encompassing and overwhelming you feel like you could perish under the weight of it.

It’s our MomSense, the same instincts that wrap our children in security and affirm their worth in this big world. I have it. You have it. It’s the language of motherhood. Let us continue to create a community of mamas who hold our failures loosely and embrace laughter, love, and the adventure of parenting with gratitude for the responsibility and grace for the journey. This ride is brief; let’s not miss a second of it.”

– Jen Hatmaker, forward in MomSense, A Common Sense Guide to Confident Mothering


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