The Best Prank Ever : Final Victory

Here’s a recap: 
>Boys stole Colleen’s snap bracelet.
>Girls got angry.
>Boys crashed sleep ever and hid in stairwell eavesdropping on girl talk.

Which brings us to… How we got even.

We came up with a very elaborate and, might I say, ingenious plan for revenge.  

The next day at rehearsal, as the boys gloated about the previous night’s victorious prank, we girls stuck to a story concocted in the wee hours after Ricky and Jon jumped from the stairwell.

The story, completely fabricated, went something like this:

“Hey guys, guess what? About 15 minutes after you left the cops showed up. Someone in the neighborhood called because you were making so much noise and traipsing through their yards…”

“What? Really?”

“Yeah. It wasn’t THAT big of a deal… except Faith’s mom was so made because we woke her up when we screamed. The Police Officer got there at the exact time we were trying to explain to Faith’s mom why we were freaking out at 4 in the morning. So, we had to tell him it was cause the boys were hiding in the house. Which, like, wasn’t a big deal except he asked Faith’s mom if she wanted to press charges for breaking and entering!”


“Yeah, but don’t worry, we told him no and that we are friends with you guys…”

(blank stares)

“…but just FYI, he did ask us to give him your names. So we gave him Ricky, Jon, and Jason’s (who was driving the getaway car). We asked him not to do anything but he may, like, call your parents or something. But I wouldn’t worry about it. He didn’t seem like it was that big of a deal.”

We intentionally underplayed it and kept telling the boys to not worry. We handled it. No big deal. So, they carried on gloating away as rehearsal started.

The musical was two weeks away. So, we moved on to phase two of our plan.  

We talked to the director of the show, Mr. M, and asked him to play a role in tricking the boys and carrying out our plan. He was awesome and was totally on board. Also, since Jon, Ricky, and Jason were all lead parts in the show, we got their under studies in on the whole charade, as well.  

The following day, it was go time! We had rehearsal and per usual, had a meeting afterwards for notes and last minute changes.  Mr. M, (such a trooper!) pretended to have to go see our principal for a minute while we waited to wrap things up.  He came back in in a huff, said a few things, then asked Jon, Ricky, Jason and all three understudies to meet him in the little theatre in 10 minutes.

We girls pretended to not think anything of it and casually packed up our stuff as if we were going home.  In reality, we left the auditorium and booked it to the little theatre, where we stood on chairs behind a large velvet curtain, waiting, listening for our sweet, sweet revenge to unfold.

The boys came in the room with Mr. M (a phenomenal actor).

“Have a seat boys.  I’ve just been notified by Mr. Heatherington (our principal) that there was an incident involving the police this weekend!? (pause for dramatic affect) What were you thinking? You know it’s school policy that if you are participating in any extra curricular activities and get in trouble with the authorities in ANY way, you are automatically SUSPENDED from participating in those activities for 2 WEEKS! (eyes bulging, voice raised) The show is in two weeks!! (sigh) My hands are tied – these boys (pointing to the informed and slightly snickering under studies) will have to take your parts. I’m sorry. There is nothing I can do.”

Now, I won’t go into the details of the groveling, explaining, and freaking out that ensued for the next 5 to 10 minutes before we decided to jump out from the curtain and scream, “GOTCHA!” But I will mention that even some tears, yes, tears were shed. Oh, sweet, sweet revenge.

The boys ended up admitting ultimate defeat, put their tails between their legs, and even declared it publicly at the next rehearsal.

Would like to note that we all stayed friends, did the show, and went on to have a super fun summer before all parting ways for college. 

These are fun memories. Glad I took the time (finally) to jot it all down.  

Hope you enjoyed my story.



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