Reason #57 I am an enigma to my husband

When I tell a story from my life before I moved to The Sunshine State (infancy until 22 years of age…so a relatively large chunk of life), I ALWAYS use the first and last names of all the people in the story and/or use descriptors designated for that person, no matter who I am talking about or if it’s the 258th time I’ve told that story.

I like to think it’s because I’m a good collector of people and I want to remember them in all their first and last named-ness. But it’s more likely a terrible story telling condition where I CAN NOT leave one detail out, especially last names. Seriously, if I went to high school with you, there is a 97% chance that I will always refer to you by first and last name at all times for the rest of my life.

Therefore, if you knew me before I turned 22, and I am telling my husband a story that involves you, then your names hence forth have gone something like this:

“MeghanShaughnessy, you know…my friend, MeghanShaughnessy, from across the street…”
(He assures me he knows who Meghan is and I don’t need to say her last name, but I can’t stop, it’s attached.)

“My friend, AbbySeward, who is now AbbyClark, you know, who I pretty much lived with the summer before college…”
(He assures me he knows who Abby is but I explain to him I can not help but referring to her in this way because it is now her name: AbbySewardwhoisnowAbbyClark

“You know, KrisJohnson, he’s my friend who is hilarious and you’d love him…”
(He nods, yes, I know who Kris is, go on with your story…more than likely it’s the story you tell at least once a year about the ultimate guys vs girls prank war…You will also mention FaithOliphantwhoisnowFaithMurphy, among others.)

Sidenote: He’s right, I love that story. I will have to post it on here soon it in all it’s glory and awesomeness.

The truth is my husband loves me, with my last-name-telling-tendencies and all. He has to cause I don’t think I can change.

This is CatieLoveless who used to be CatiePhelan, signing off.


2 thoughts on “Reason #57 I am an enigma to my husband

  1. love this post…and need to hear the war story again…cause it never gets old catie scarlett…sorry-it is that or catibe and I know you like catie scarlett better (must be said in an irish accent) nicknames is what my hubby has to learn to love.catie scarlett-who is catie phelan who is catie loveless

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