What Technology has Done to Me

I’ve completely forgotten English. As in, grammar. As in, maybe I should have used a comma there. As in, this is not a sentence. Or is it?

Blogging + facebook + texting has left me with this kind of laissez faire attitude about spelling, punctuation, and the like. It’s a free for all, I tell you! A free for all!!

I don’t even have the option, like I did in college, to go to the writing lab so some stupid English major who is earning extra credit can review my paper and make me feel like a moron.

Sometimes, I’m all, “Who cares? They get the point! Free speech!!” and other times I’m embarrassed by my horrible sentence structure and want to crawl in a black hole.

All of this is to say, I am aware of my issue. Please don’t judge me. I write these posts in between cleaning up stray Cheerios and trips to the park and oh yeah, I picked up stray piece of poo in my kid’s room today. What!?! I know, that’s how I felt!

Thanks for reading anywayz. (yes, I know that should end with an s. I’m just kidding!)


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