Reason #57 I am an enigma to my husband

When I tell a story from my life before I moved to The Sunshine State (infancy until 22 years of age…so a relatively large chunk of life), I ALWAYS use the first and last names of all the people in the story and/or use descriptors designated for that person, no matter who I am talking about or if it’s the 258th time I’ve told that story.

I like to think it’s because I’m a good collector of people and I want to remember them in all their first and last named-ness. But it’s more likely a terrible story telling condition where I CAN NOT leave one detail out, especially last names. Seriously, if I went to high school with you, there is a 97% chance that I will always refer to you by first and last name at all times for the rest of my life.

Therefore, if you knew me before I turned 22, and I am telling my husband a story that involves you, then your names hence forth have gone something like this:

“MeghanShaughnessy, you know…my friend, MeghanShaughnessy, from across the street…”
(He assures me he knows who Meghan is and I don’t need to say her last name, but I can’t stop, it’s attached.)

“My friend, AbbySeward, who is now AbbyClark, you know, who I pretty much lived with the summer before college…”
(He assures me he knows who Abby is but I explain to him I can not help but referring to her in this way because it is now her name: AbbySewardwhoisnowAbbyClark

“You know, KrisJohnson, he’s my friend who is hilarious and you’d love him…”
(He nods, yes, I know who Kris is, go on with your story…more than likely it’s the story you tell at least once a year about the ultimate guys vs girls prank war…You will also mention FaithOliphantwhoisnowFaithMurphy, among others.)

Sidenote: He’s right, I love that story. I will have to post it on here soon it in all it’s glory and awesomeness.

The truth is my husband loves me, with my last-name-telling-tendencies and all. He has to cause I don’t think I can change.

This is CatieLoveless who used to be CatiePhelan, signing off.

Do you have the same personality type as Mother Theresa?

Cause I do!

No, seriously, I do.

Stop laughing.

So, I was reading Shauna Neiquist’s blog about the Enneagram and I was intrigued.

I couldn’t figure out which personality type I was by her descriptions (I kinda felt like I was all of them) so I clicked on the link at the bottom of her post and took an online test for ten bucks.

It was well worth it.

Turns out, I’m a two. (More on this later)

If you end up taking the test, let me know what you are!

What Technology has Done to Me

I’ve completely forgotten English. As in, grammar. As in, maybe I should have used a comma there. As in, this is not a sentence. Or is it?

Blogging + facebook + texting has left me with this kind of laissez faire attitude about spelling, punctuation, and the like. It’s a free for all, I tell you! A free for all!!

I don’t even have the option, like I did in college, to go to the writing lab so some stupid English major who is earning extra credit can review my paper and make me feel like a moron.

Sometimes, I’m all, “Who cares? They get the point! Free speech!!” and other times I’m embarrassed by my horrible sentence structure and want to crawl in a black hole.

All of this is to say, I am aware of my issue. Please don’t judge me. I write these posts in between cleaning up stray Cheerios and trips to the park and oh yeah, I picked up stray piece of poo in my kid’s room today. What!?! I know, that’s how I felt!

Thanks for reading anywayz. (yes, I know that should end with an s. I’m just kidding!)