Lessons on courage

A few days ago, I received this in the mail and I cried.

It is a copy of the handwritten journal my friends’ mother wrote over the 3 year period she battled cancer. My friend, Jane, sent it to me with a sweet note thanking me for walking with her during “the cancer years” of her mother. (I did so clumsily, with great intentions, as you can read here in a post I wrote a few days before Christy’s passing.)

In the front of the journal, Rogers, Christy’s husband writes of his decision to publish her handwritten thoughts:

“She may not approve, but I will simply have to deal with that later.”

That sounds like Rog, willing to take a risk, even if he might have to pay for it later. I know this because I worked for him (and Jane) day in and day out during the cancer years.

(I think it was a good risk, Rogers, I’ve received the reward. You can tell Christy that when you see her again.)

I remember with each diagnosis, he’d call us into his office and say, “I know we have to work, but to be able to do that, first we have to pray.” So, he, Jane and I would hold hands and cry and pray. And then we’d get back to work.

Rogers printed the journal as a tribute to the type of woman Christy was because she was extraordinary, courageous, ever faithful – even on the hardest of days.

Reading Christy’s journal, I learned courage doesn’t always roar it’s battle cry. Sometimes it writes it in a journal, knowing, that even after all this, she would not be destroyed and tomorrow would live greater, either on Earth or in Heaven.

Below, she writes, “Ps. 4: And so I can lie down & sleep in peace. Because of You, I am eternally secure.”

Later, after a painful bone marrow transplant and the discovery of cancer #3 (breast cancer, the one which ends her life) she writes, “Father of compassion and God of all comfort, please don’t let my troubles go to waste. Use them to shape my heart so that I can comfort others with the comfort you give me.”

I want that kind of courage.

In her final entry, shortly before her life’s end, she writes her last lines, “…and the kingdom of Kirven is at peace because the Lord their God had given them rest on every side.”

I wanted to post this to say thank you to Rog and Jane for letting me in on a life well lived. I love you guys.

Pictured below is my beautiful friend, Jane, at her wedding last June.


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