The Real Housewives of the Sunshine State

I’ll admit it, I watch The Real Housewives on Bravo. I know, I know, it’s so much DRAMA. But it’s sooo good!

So, I thought it’d be fun to create my own Real Housewives of the Sunshine State cast. I mean, Bravo could call any day now. So, here we are:
The Real Housewives of the Sunshine State
(note: in the intro we would hold shells, or have sand run through our fingers, or wear mickey ears)

Name: Catie Loveless (it’s me, people, of course I am on my own show!)
Status: Married to Joe
Children: 1 (Miles, pictured above)
Brings: the gang together.

Name: Rebecca Loveless (sister-in-law to Catie…Yes, my RHOTSS is rep’in like the Real Housewives of New Jersey (RHONJ)…all in the family)
Status: Married to Josh
Children: 3 (Gavin, India, & Kingston)
Brings: the food.

Name: Lauren Loveless (sister-in-law, as well)
Status: Married to Jon
Children: 2 (Taylor and JD)
Brings: the style.

Name: Sarah Delgado (Cousin to us Loveless girls. My old landlord. I used to spell her name ‘Delgato’ on my rent checks, which is incorrect and means “of the cat” in Spanish)
Status: Married to Alejandro (who Lady Gaga sings about in her song “Alejandro”)
Children: 2 (Jackson and Edison)
Brings: the smarts. (nickname: GWOK, “Grand Wizard of Knowledge”)

Name: Mallory Ellis (sister to Sarah, our cousin too)
Status: Married to Darryl
Children: 1 (baby Jace)
Brings: the freshness. She’s the newest mommy of the bunch.

Name: Lindsey Kirkland (not related in any way, but she’s my friend and I would want her on the show).
Status: Married to Justin
Children: 1 (Sawyer)
Brings: the silly.

GUEST APPEARANCES: (since the following people don’t live in the Sunshine State, I would make them come and guest star)

Name: Sarah Phelan

Status: Married to Sean (my brother)
Children: 1 dog, Cooper
Brings: the party.

Name: Faith Murphy
Status: Married to Stephen
Children: 1 (Justus)
Brings: the funny and inappropriate comments.

Name: Abby Clark
Status: Married to Nate
Children: 2 (Isabelle and Judah)
Brings: the leg warmers, dance music, and Starbucks.

4 thoughts on “The Real Housewives of the Sunshine State

  1. I just had a rough time with a group of ladies and let me just say that reading this and seeing that I get to be on the "show" literally made me tear up. I miss you…and I want to see you in leg warmers-you and those hot little skinny legs of yours!!

  2. So, can I be the Aunt that visits you on the show and gets to have like a facial or lipo procedure while she visits? I saw that on "Real HW of O.C." Anyway, I love this idea and will be checking back from time to time to see if there is any drama on the Real Housewives of the Sunshine State. Love you

  3. Abby, I'm so glad! I can't wait to see you when we are in town at Christmas time! Aunt Lauren, you are HILARIOUS! Of course, you can get lipo on my fake tv show!

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