Soul Food

Sometimes I am coherent enough to write down notes when I read things that are inspiring or beautiful or reveal something true. I usually write just a few words, to encapsulate the gist of whatever it was I read that moved me. This makes me very bad at using quotation marks and also very susceptible to think that I, in fact, wrote the eloquent nugget of insight. Apart from the ego-thrilling plagiarism, the joy of stumbling upon these “quotes” is that I am reminded of something true all over again without having to reread a book.

Such was my luck today.

Doodled in my sketch book were these words:

My soul is the part of me that longs for more of God than I have right now. It is the very essence of me that God knew before he brought me forth in physical form.

Wow. That’s good stuff. And it made me think about my soul. The willowy, wispy, intangible part of me that is most real. The part of me that can be as beautiful as I feel after getting all dolled up for a fancy date and can also be as ugly as I am when I wake up after sleeping with my make-up on.

The part about the soul being the part God knew before he bought you forth in physical form, gave me chills because I thought of my son. He is such a new physical form. And God knew him first, brought him forth, and shared him with me. God gave this world the ability to meet my son’s soul and he gave me the honor of nurturing it and watching it grow. I am over the moon thankful for that.

Before I close up this blog post and my son, soul and all, get up from his nap, I think I should mention that I happen to remember that those words were from a book by Ruth Haley Barton called The Soul of Your Leadership. The only reason I remember that is because she was Mrs. Barton to me growing up because I was friends with her daughter, Charity. You should really go read this book because there are more amazing nuggets of insight in it.


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