Here’s to 3

Joe and I celebrated our 3rd anniversary this week.  It was officially on Tuesday but due to Game 3 of the NBA finals, opted to celebrate on Friday.  
We decided to keep it to a low budget celebration, since we just went on a cruise and are having a baby in a month and a half.  It was the little things that made this anniversary sweet to me. 
Things like knowing before I came home that Joe had gone to his parents house to borrow his dad’s car for the evening.  He’s done this since we started dating.  Whenever we have a special date night, he always tries to borrow a nice car and have good music prepared.  By nice car, I mean anything that would be an upgrade from our 2000 Nissan Protege, which has a squealing problem and rear bumper damage. 
After a wonderful dinner, we went to see the movie Up, which was a perfect anniversary movie.  It beautifully tells the story of an old man and his wife.  It gives wonderful pictures of the sweetness of their love.  I held Joe’s hand and felt so thankful to have found him. I love celebrating our years together.  
Happy Anniversary, Love.  Here’s to #3.

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