Toms Shoes

This is Joe with his best friend, Aren.

Aren’s excitement about Miles’ coming into our family has been a surprising, sweet gift to me during this pregnancy. I think it makes me so happy because I wouldn’t have expected it. Aren doesn’t have any neices or nephews, he’s young and single, and I just figured he would think that Miles would interupt his guy time with Joe. But it has been the complete opposite.

The other day, Aren said he couldn’t wait any longer and he got a present for Miles. He had us try to guess what it was and even with all his clues I had no idea. He said this gift was the beginning of Miles’ global awareness and heart toward other people. He said it’s something for him here but it’s also something for someone in another part of the world. I had no idea. What would you have guessed?

He got him a pair of little, baby TOM’S Shoes!

For those of you who don’t know, TOM’S Shoes is this great little company that for every pair of shoes you buy, a pair of shoes is sent to a child who needs them in another part of the world. You may have seen their commercial with AT&T. You can check out their website here

Below are pictures of Miles’ first philonthropic gift. I love it!


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