Joseph the Giraffe

My husband is the third of three boys; Josh, Jon and Joe – born in that order.  When Joe was born, his mother wrote a children’s story called Joseph the Giraffe.  The theme of the story is based on the biblical principle that the “first shall be last and the last shall be first” in the kingdom of heaven.

The tag line repeated throughout the story is, “Everyone wants to be first, but someone must always be last. And Joseph the Giraffe was just that sort of someone.”  
The story goes through different scenarios where Joseph the Giraffe shows his kindness, compassion, and generosity by allowing others to be put before himself.  These things became true characteristics of my sweet husband.  
I love this story.  Currently, it sits in my house in its original version; yellowed pages typed from an old type-writer, spelling errors and triple spaces.  For a gift one year, we asked an artist friend of ours to read the story and draw what he thought Joseph the Giraffe looked like. We framed it and gave it to Joe’s mom.  I would love to have this story published, with full pictures for every page.
The reason I bring this up is because the three brothers, Josh, Jon and Joe, are set to have babies – all boys – with due dates in just the same order. Josh and Rebecca due first, then Jon and Lauren, and finally Joe and I.  But today we were thrown for a loop. Lauren is scheduled to be induced tonight, in fact, is at the hospital right now.  Rebecca is several days past her due date and was very frustrated that Lauren might go before her.  But, as fate would have it – Rebecca’s water broke around noon today.  So, we are in a tight race for who is born first!! 
It’s exciting, for sure.  But leaves me living out Joseph the Giraffe’s story.  I texted my mother-in-law this afternoon, “While these boys fight to be first, someone must always be last and Joseph the Giraffe, Jr. is just that sort of someone.”  So, even though I am slightly jealous, with an aching back and swollen belly, wishing it was Miles that was coming tonight, I can smile that my baby is taking after his daddy.