30 Weeks

Here I am at 30 weeks with Miles in my tummy!

Physical Status: It hasn’t been fun due to the various pregnancy induced ailments (rash on my face, back pain, heartburn, sinus pressure, itching, waddle+squint combo due to pressure when I walk…he feels very low, etc.) and non-pregnancy related “why is this happening now” ailments (kidney stones and gall stones). BUT after experiencing the pain I have, and making it through all right, I do feel more prepared for labor. I can do this! Also, I am SO thankful for when the gall stone pain and kidney pain isn’t around so I am enjoying life more in those moments.
Daddy Status: Joe is a champion. We were at Lamaze class last night and he was assessing, with perfect accuracy, the different types of stress balls and back massagers I would like. He told me last night that despite acting calm, cool, and collected, when we went to the hospital for the kidney stones, he was terrified something was really wrong with me or the baby. He said for the first time he thought, “What if I lose one of them?!” It makes me feel so loved to know his level of concern for me and the baby. He is going to be a fantastic dad!
Nursery Status: And we are back at a standstill. Hopefully, we will get some stuff done this weekend.
Countdown Status: Less than 10 weeks until my due date!


One thought on “30 Weeks

  1. Katie, you look beautiful! I’m so happy that it’s almost here. Get ready for the greatest life change ever. The love you are about to experience is overwhelming! Enjoy every second of it! Oh.. and buy “The Happiest Baby on the Block”. It saved our lives!!

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