Thoughts on being stuck in the glory days

Hi my name is Catie and I am a glory days-er.
It’s not what you think. I am only living in the past when it comes to one thing: basketball. You see, I grew up in a suburb of Chicago during the years when Michael Jordan ruled the world. We had the 3-peat Championships (1991, 1992, and 1993) followed by a repeat of the 3-peat (1996, 1997, 1998). The city was a blaze and i was glued to the TV. Michael, Scottie, Horace, Dennis – these were household names. My knowledge of basketball started and stopped around those 6 years in Chicago.

1998 was my freshman year of high school and after that I never really watched basketball again. But man was I proud of those 6 championships and I would never hesitate to bring them up whenever people want to talk about basketball. The glory days.

Fast forward 11 years…I am married, living in Orlando and my husband is a huge Orlando Magic fan. His company gives him tickets with pretty good seats. I play on his iphone during the games he drags me to. It’s just not the same. But around mid season, the Magic started kicking it in high gear. Dwight Howard is a doll, JJ Reddick looks like he should be a rock star, and Hedo Turkoglu has a really cool name. I actually started to like basketball again and name dropping the ’91, ’92, ’93 championships just didn’t have the pizazz it used to.

So, I am now a Magic fan and I am not a stuck in the past as a mid-90’s glory days-er.

Go Magic!


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