28 Weeks

Here I am at 28 Weeks with little Miles in my tummy!

Physical Status: I still feel pretty good. Around 6pm every night my back starts hurting which is no fun. Oh and I waddle.
Daddy Status: Joe did a fabulous job celebrating my first Mother’s Day – a massage at the Ritz, a new camera, and a fancy dinner at Houston’s! He is super proud of Miles already because at my last doctor visit, the dr. felt my tummy and said that he has quite the powerful kick. He said I should expect to get beat up a bit in this last trimester – Joe’s response? “That’s my boy!”
Nursery Status: We’ve made some progress. Room cleaned out. Paint testers purchased and on the wall. Color decided, but not purchased yet. Wall decorations made (I will post pictures later).
Countdown Status: 12 weeks until my due date.


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