30 Weeks

Here I am at 30 weeks with Miles in my tummy!

Physical Status: It hasn’t been fun due to the various pregnancy induced ailments (rash on my face, back pain, heartburn, sinus pressure, itching, waddle+squint combo due to pressure when I walk…he feels very low, etc.) and non-pregnancy related “why is this happening now” ailments (kidney stones and gall stones). BUT after experiencing the pain I have, and making it through all right, I do feel more prepared for labor. I can do this! Also, I am SO thankful for when the gall stone pain and kidney pain isn’t around so I am enjoying life more in those moments.
Daddy Status: Joe is a champion. We were at Lamaze class last night and he was assessing, with perfect accuracy, the different types of stress balls and back massagers I would like. He told me last night that despite acting calm, cool, and collected, when we went to the hospital for the kidney stones, he was terrified something was really wrong with me or the baby. He said for the first time he thought, “What if I lose one of them?!” It makes me feel so loved to know his level of concern for me and the baby. He is going to be a fantastic dad!
Nursery Status: And we are back at a standstill. Hopefully, we will get some stuff done this weekend.
Countdown Status: Less than 10 weeks until my due date!

Having a stone vs. having a baby

We had an interesting night last night. And by “interesting” I mean “that sucked!”

It was around 1am and all of a sudden I felt this horrible pain in my abdomen and back. It felt like the worst pain I’ve ever felt. At first, I thought maybe it was a contraction so I went into the bathroom to try to just breathe through the pain and wait until it subsided. The pain was so bad, I threw up as soon as I got to the bathroom. Still thinking it was a contraction,
I thought, “Just breathe it will be over in a minute”. But that didn’t happen. I’ve read that contractions usually last about 90 seconds and it had been 5 minutes without the pain letting up, so I didn’t know what to think.

I went out to the bedroom to try to find a comfortable position, praying that the pain would stop soon. Joe was trying to help me by rubbing my back and reminding me to breathe. I kept thinking, we haven’t even made it to the Lamaze Class that starts on Wednesday – I don’t know what to do! Joe called my sister-in-law, Lauren, who is also pregnant, to get some advice but she didn’t pick up. Neither did his mom or my mom. After about 15 or 20 minutes, the pain was getting worse, not better and I thought something might be wrong so we called the doctor and headed out to the hospital.

The hospital is about 10 minutes away and it was the most painful 10 minutes ever. When we got up to the desk, I could barely breathe but said, “I am 28 weeks – I don’t think I’m in labor – but I am in a lot of pain.” The people were so nice. Joe filled out some form they gave us as i tried to breathe. They had me take a seat to check my vitals and I asked the nice lady questions about contractions. I kept thinking, if this is what they are like now how I am going to do this?!

I felt a little better when she confirmed what I read, that thy last about 90 seconds, “contract”, and then let up. This pain didn’t fit the description, which made me feel better.

After about 35 minutes of severe pain, it finally started to subside. They took me back, checked the Miles’ heart beat and movement (he was doing fine and he impressed everyone with his powerful kicks), gave me an IV, took some blood, a urine sample, and wheeled me to ultra sound. By this time, the pain was dull and I just hoped that they could tell me what happened.

Turns out, I passed a kidney stone. ugh! As if being pregnant isn’t hard enough! My father-in-law called me today to welcome me to the club (he has seen his fair share of kidney stones). People liken the pain to giving birth, which is why I was so confused. Luckily, the ultra sound shows that I do not have any more stones in my kidneys right now so hopefully i won’t have to go through that again any time soon.

Now, I just have actual labor and delivery to look forward to – and having a baby to show for all your hard work is much better than having a tiny little stone.

Below are some new pictures of Miles from the ultra sound – one picture shows that he has hair!

28 Weeks

Here I am at 28 Weeks with little Miles in my tummy!

Physical Status: I still feel pretty good. Around 6pm every night my back starts hurting which is no fun. Oh and I waddle.
Daddy Status: Joe did a fabulous job celebrating my first Mother’s Day – a massage at the Ritz, a new camera, and a fancy dinner at Houston’s! He is super proud of Miles already because at my last doctor visit, the dr. felt my tummy and said that he has quite the powerful kick. He said I should expect to get beat up a bit in this last trimester – Joe’s response? “That’s my boy!”
Nursery Status: We’ve made some progress. Room cleaned out. Paint testers purchased and on the wall. Color decided, but not purchased yet. Wall decorations made (I will post pictures later).
Countdown Status: 12 weeks until my due date.