My Dad

My dad is a numbers guy. A high school math teacher, actually. He has been for 35 years. Since 1976 he has been on faculty at Glenbard South High School in Glen Ellyn, Illinois. This year, on June 9, 2009 he is retiring.

I have put together some pretty impressive numbers looking back on his career:

  • Number of students he’s taught over 35 years: 50,000
  • Year Glenbard South was established: 1972
  • Year my dad joined the faculty: 1976
  • Number of teachers or administrators that have been there as long as he has: 0
  • Number of school days in his career: I think 6,825 days (but my math could be off)
  • Address of the school he’s driven to every morning: 23W200 Butterfield Rd. Glen Ellyn, Illinois 60137
  • Number of times he’s driven to that same building: over 10,000 times
  • Number of children he’s had since being a teacher at Glenbard South: 4, plus 2 step-children. (Sean: 1980, me: 1983, Patrick: 1986, and Mike: 1989
  • Number of grandchildren: first one is on the way! Time he usually arrives at school: 6am
  • Number of math jokes my dad has in his arsenal: at least 15
  • Number of times my dad has shaved off his beard since 1976: 1 time and it wasn’t a good idea.
  • Number of gray hairs my dad has gotten from teaching: too many to count (I like to think those came from his students rather than me and my brothers)
  • Number of lesson plans my dad has put together: over 7,000
  • Number of pens my dad keeps in his front shirt pocket: usually 2, at least 1
  • Number of papers he’s graded: 1,000,000
  • Number of graduations he’s seen: 33
  • Number of times we bumped into a former student at a restaurant or gas station: at least 78
  • Number of times I went to “Take Your Daughter to Work Day”: 6
  • Number of times I roller skated in gym class at “Take Your Daughter to Work Day”: 3
  • Number of sports my dad coached: 2 (football and softball)
  • Number of sporting events he kept score at or went to: over 1,000
  • Number of softball practices I went to: over 500
  • Number of pop flys I’ve seen my dad hit at softball practices: probably 10,000
  • Number of pictures of me and my brothers in my dad’s office: at least 10
  • Year my dad became the Math Deparment Chair: 1989
  • Number of years my dad had a cubicle in the teachers office: 13 years
  • Number of pranks my dad pulled on other teachers: probably 10
  • Number of years my dad has had the big office in the back: 20 years
  • Number of times my dad has dealt with a crazy parent: probably 172 times
  • Number of students my dad has tutored: more than 10,000 (including me, my brothers, cousins, and numerous friends)
  • Number of times I’ve rolled my eyes and complained when my dad was trying to tutor me: at least 25
  • Number of times my dad will probably cry while reading this: maybe 1
  • Number of times he will laugh: I am shooting for 18

Dad – I hope you feel honored and celebrated by your contribution in the past 35 years of your life. I look forward to you having a well deserved retirement. I love you bunches. -Catie

Above: My dad, my brothers Mike, Patrick, Sean, me, and my Grandma. Christmas 2004
Above: My dad with some of his siblings. (Mary, Sandy, Sue, Glen, Art, and Tom)


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