Town Hall for Hope

There were few things that used to make me more nervous than the dreaded topic of money.

That was before I met my husband.

I remember early in our dating relationship catching on to the fact that he was confident and even excited talking about the topic of money management. He read books about stewardship and loved budgets. Money was always a topic similar to death to me. But because my husband had such a great foundation of good money management, he slowly taught me how this topic doesn’t have to be scary. I remember sitting down with a finacial advisor before we got married and he asked us this question, “What is your financial goal?” I thought he was wanting a dollar amount, so my brain went into a crazy tail spin because I am not good with numbers. Fortunatly, he cut me off before I embarrassed myself by spitting out an unrealisticly high or pathetically low income amount. He said, “Your financial goal should always be: freedom.”

What he meant was, “Don’t have have month left at the end of our money” or don’t spend what we don’t have. This was a good first step in having financial freedom.

A year ago we took our money planning to a whole new level. We took Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace course. It was awesome! I highly recommend that everyone take this course.

If you haven’t taken it, you should, BUT in the mean time – Dave Ramsey is hosting a free event called Town Hall for Hope to address the current economic situtation in America. It is next Thursday night, April 23rd, at 8pm at over 6,000 locations across the US. Go to and find a location near you! If you live in Orlando, Discovery Church,, will be one of the locations available. Come one, come all! See you there!


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