Labor Movie

Spoiler Alert: Do not read this post if haven’t seen Marley and Me.  I will be sharing pertinent details to the movie.

Okay, so I read in one of my pregnancy books that I should pick out a movie or two that I can watch during the first part of labor before I go to the hospital.  I hadn’t seen the Marley and Me yet but I thought it would make a good “labor movie” because I love dogs.
Joe brought the movie home last night and here are several reasons why this is not a good movie to watch while having increasingly painful contractions before you give birth to your first child:
1. She has a miscarriage!  Not appropriate for the situation, ya think?
2. She has another baby really soon after having the first one.  And then another one really soon after that one.  That is stressful to think about.  It is a tad overwhelming to think about the task at hand, let alone thinking I may have to do this again soon.
3. The dog dies.  This is sad.  
I told Joe that I am glad we watched this because I was going to have it be my “labor movie”.  When I explained to him what a “labor movie” actually was, he casually said, “oh that’s easy…it should be Ocean’s 11”.  I love my husband.  
Anyone have any good suggestions?

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