Email from my brother, titled "Boyeeee."

Below is an email I received from my brother, Patrick, when we found out we were having a boy. It makes me smile so I figured I would share it on here.


Name the child whatever you will, have him refer to me (and others) by whichever name you want, dress him up in whatever you desire, teach him the lessons you have learned and are still working to unravel the meaning of, teach him whatever skills the heck you want to – but do not, for any reason, and under no circumstance, let the child wrestle. Please. Also, don’t allow him to quite piano lessons for figure skating, and feel free to punch him square in the face if he reminds you of me. Do any, all, some, or none of these things, and you will be a great mother. Which is to say, follow your gut, and revel in the fact that you are having a boy. It is a brave thing you are doing. Being a mother is brave I think. Well done. A boy. You have grown a boy inside of you… Fact. Wonderful, joyous, inspiring fact. I would have written sooner, but I just checked my facebook for the first time since being back in chicago. Regardless of timing I’m exceedingly proud of and happy for you and joe! (and there’s the exclamation point!) ! “It” has officially become “he”. And he will adore you, as I do. I love you Catie.

With love and much respect,Patrick

PS. Don’t actually punch your child in the face. I’m really not all that bad once you get to know me.

PPS. Actually, don’t punch *any* child in the face, whether or not he or she is yours. And also, have a great day today, then have a great weekend, then wait a little bit, and then have a great kid.

Catie’s note: His refernce to not allowing my child to wrestle is because he had a severe back injury due to wrestling. Also, yes, he actually quit piano to take figure skating lessons when he was little. hilarious.

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