Christian Star Sightings

One night at dinner, while Joe and I were on the cruise, a couple was seated at the table next to us. To my untrained Christian star sighting eye, the man looked a lot like Andy Stanley. I inconspicuously mentioned this to Joe, who loves Andy Stanley in a way any normal man would admire their childhood superhero well after the age it was considered cool. (You know what I mean, when I told him that I thought it was Andy, his heart started racing and he couldn’t stop thinking of what he would say…except that he had to try to appear cool as to not draw attention to the fact that he was excited.)
Turns out it wasn’t Andy Stanley, but those brief few moments left my husband all a flutter.

I have a friend who used to work at Willow Creek in South Barrington and she would get all flustered every time she saw Bill Hybels in the hallway. We would laugh about this for hours.

I like to think of myself as cooler than my husband and my friend. I am just egotistical enough that I like to imagine when I meet impressive people that I could care less and really they are impressed to meet me. Have you played this game? When I was in high school, my two best friends and I would try to pump ourselves up before going to into a social event where we felt intimidated by literally saying out loud, “Ok, remember, we are the coolest girls in here.” Ha! If you Google my name, I am not even sure anything comes up that is actually me. If fact, I just checked…it asks “Do you mean Katie Loveless?” No, Google, I do not mean Katie Loveless.

I try my darndest (and sometimes succeed) to make my job sound important when people ask what I do. Various answers: “I work with a private equity company. We build businesses.” (Common Response: Wow, you must be important). Sometimes I’ll say, “I do implementation of health benefits for government contractors.” (Common Response: Wow, implementation is a big word) But rarely to I offer, “I work in an office.” (Common Response: Wow, are you like Pam or Phyllis?) Rock star stuff, really. But is my worth really tied to my number of links on Google or how impressive my job sounds or who I’ve met or know in what circles? The answer, my fine feathered friends, is no.

My worth is tied to something much harder to explain. It is something internal and eternal. My worth is tied to something that has nothing and everything to do with me. It is tied to the fact that Jesus likes me. He thinks that there is something eternally beautiful going on in the inside of me. He moves me in that direction. And that is what gives me my worth. It doesn’t matter to Jesus if Google knows me or how impressive my job sounds. Jesus doesn’t care if I am best friends with Bill Hybels or Bono. He cares about me, who I really am, what is going on in my heart, how I am becoming more like him.

As we are about to celebrate Easter, I am happy to remember this.


One thought on “Christian Star Sightings

  1. Cates…the saying is..”we are the HOTTEST girls here” but maybe since you already knew we were you went with “coolest” girls here…because that one was still up for discussion!! love you and know…”we are the hottest and coolest pregnant women there are!!”

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