A mom I admire

My sister-in-law, Lauren, (pictured below) and I have spent the past two evenings at Babies R Us registering for our new little ones to come. So fun! Lauren, Rebecca (our other sister-in-law), and I are all having baby boys within weeks of eachother. Crazyiness will insue in the Loveless family – doubling the grandchild count in just one month! Since Laur is a veteran mommy (her little girl, Taylor, turns 1 on Monday!) she showed me the ropes of the first time mom essentials.

It has been so fun getting to spend this time being pregnant together. And I am super excited that we will get to raise our boys together:)

Lauren is such a good mom – here are some things I’ve observed that I really admire about her parenting:

1. She is easygoing but prepared. She always makes sure Taylor has everything she needs. (One good tip: She keeps a bottled water in her diaper bag with the formula so making a bottle is easy in a pinch.)
2. She celebrates Tay and makes holidays, family get togethers, birthdays, seasons etc. special and meaningful. (We are having a pool party for Taylor’s first birthday!)
3. She celebrates being a mom. She doesn’t make it seem like a burden or harp on how hard it is.
4. She makes sure her relationship with Jon a priority. She knows that a key to being a great parent is continuing to work at having a great marriage.
5. She gets dressed in the morning. This may sound silly but sometimes it is so easy to fall into a slump of just not showering, wearing whatever and slouching around the house. This is okay sometimes but for the most part, I think it helps your additude and outlook on the day if you get ready for the day. I think this makes a difference in how you parent, as well, and also the example you set for you kids. If they see mom as an unmotivated slouch day after day, that sends a certain message. Don’t get my wrong, I enjoy the occasional pajama day, just as much as the next girl, but I think this whole getting ready for the day thing is something I will put into practice during my mommy days.

I would love to hear about mom’s you admire and what you admire about them! Leave me some comments with your thoughts!


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