The Name Game

Prior to going on our cruise, Joe and I had our ultrasound appointment to find out whether we were having a boy or a girl. It’s a BOY! We were both shocked because SO many of our friends and family are having boys, it seemed like the coin would fall on girl for us. We are so thrilled to add another little boy to the pack!

While on the cruise, we spent one afternoon sitting on the balcony coming up with a name for our new little tike. It was so fun! We each had been compiling our own lists, so the first thing we did was combine the list to have one main list of names we both liked. Then, we separated the names into “Ones we like for First Names” and “Ones we like for Middle Names”. Here is that list:

First Names:

Middle Names:
Rocket (Joe’s mom suggested this name and he thought “his little Wheaton wife” would never go for it…to his surprise, I told him we could add it to the middle name list)
Plus any of the other first names could also be middle names.

Then, we did a million combinations of all the names and settled on 11 full names that we liked. After that, we each rated the names 1 through 6 (6 being the best) and then compared lists:
1. Coner Royce Loveless (Joe: 6, Catie: 1)
2. Coner Barrett Loveless (Joe: 5, Catie: 1.5)
3. Jude Barrett Loveless (Joe: 3, Catie: 2.5)
4. Parker Elliot Loveless (Joe: 4, Catie: 4.5)
5. Parker Jace Loveless (Joe: 4.9, Catie: 1)
6. Parker Barrett Loveless (Joe: 4.5, Catie: 3.5)
7. Miles Rocket Loveless (Joe: 5, Catie: 4)
8. Miles Barrett Loveless (Joe: 3, Catie: 6)
9. Miles Parker Loveless (Joe: 6, Catie: 6)
10. Carter Elliot Loveless (Joe: 2, Catie: 3)
11. Carter Barrett Loveless (Joe: 3, Catie 1)

We both gave MILES PARKER LOVELESS a 6 out of 6! We tried on the name for a few days and it stuck.


2 thoughts on “The Name Game

  1. Ya know – I was secretly rooting for Conor – but hey, I think Miles Parker Loveless is pretty stinkin’ cute. =) I can’t wait to meet little Miles! And THANK YOU for finally updating your blog!! Miss you friends.-Christen

  2. sooo is that offically his name?? little miles who lives miles from his aunty abby?? let me know and maybe a little gift will come your way with his name on it:) (ps I am glad you did not choose jude because nate and I are pretty highly considering Judah….:) keep it on the downlow though! love you…miss you…and your hot bod!

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