12 Weeks Coming

This blog post is a long time coming…well, actually 12-weeks to be exact. Joe and I are 12 weeks pregnant tomorrow:)

It is funny how things don’t really go as you imagine them. I had imagined, prior to being pregnant, that I would write every day, everything I was feeling, capturing every moment. But alas, prior to being pregnant, I didn’t factor in that I would be sick as a dog, barely feeling up to showering or holding a conversation beyond moaning on the couch. So, this blog space has gone untended.
But thank you, to those of you who gently encouraged me to get to writing. Thank you for wanting to hear. I think I am ready to write now. Let me start from the beginning.
Joe and I were trying for about 4 months to get pregnant but stopped because I went to the doctor and was told that I needed to have surgery due to some intestinal problems. Drats. The doctor said his office would call to schedule the surgery. But the scheduling process took forever because I played phone tag with his receptionist for several weeks. Well, in the meantime, there was one time when I guess you could say we weren’t so “careful”, if you catch my drift. One time! But I didn’t think anything of it because the other months we had tried diligently to no avail.
Well, I was at work. It was a Monday. I was in the middle of talking to a co-worker when I suddenly felt like I was going to throw up. I thought, weird, but nothing else. Then it happened again. Hmmm. Since we weren’t trying anymore, I stopped tracking my period and wasn’t sure when I was due. I had an inkling the week before that I should have gotten it by then, but took a pregnancy test and it had come back negative. But now, there were sudden, weird urges to puke. I called Joe at lunch and told him I was going to pick up another test. Since we’ve been married, there have been several times when I thought for sure I was pregnant and can’t even tell you how many tests I’ve wasted. Needless to say, Joe didn’t take inquiry very seriously.
I waited until I got home to take the test mostly because I didn’t really think I was pregnant. Joe was already home and asked me if I took the test. I said I just got too busy at work the rest of the day. He laughed and bet me $20 I wasn’t pregnant. I didn’t take the bet because I didn’t really think I was either. My words exactly, “Babe, I know I’m not pregnant, I just want to be sure.” We are having this hilarious exchange yelling through the door of the bathroom as I was taking the test.
I open the door of the bathroom as I see the test start to take effect – and those of you who have taken a pregnancy test will know what I am talking about when i say that I was so used to seeing it come back negative, I glanced down and saw the “minus” or “-” start to fill in I just figured it was negative. So I swung the door of the bathroom open to tell Joe and I glanced down one more time…and saw the “plus” sign start to fill in. Again, my words exactly, “Babe, I think this is the symbol…I think this is the pregnancy symbol!” Joe comes running over as we fumble to open the instructions and try to compare our test to the drawing. Suspended breath. “Take another test,” Joe says with a half frightened/half unbelieving smile. Well, i didn’t think I was going to have to take another one and I used up all my pee on the first test! So for the next 5 minutes, Joe sat on the couch while I paced back and forth drinking a glass of water.
I don’t know what was going through my wonderful husband’s mind, but the next words out of his mouth were, “Man, I hope it’s triplets.” (It’s not! Thank the Lord!) He then proceeds to start chanting, “Triplets, triplets, triplets!” I shake my head at him and try to pee again. No can do. So we decide to go to dinner and pick up more tests on the way home. But first, Joe has the presence of mind to snap these pictures.

We ended up buying a super pack of tests – the really nice, digital kind.  They all came back “pregnant.”  🙂

2 thoughts on “12 Weeks Coming

  1. How exciting for you guys! I hope you start feeling better soon – I had the nauseousness too and I’m finally in the clear! I spent 17 weeks eating nothing but cereal – CRAZY!Congrats again!

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