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Here is what is going on in my world:
1. Molly is back. The people that we gave her to decided that she was too high maintenance and bad so they gave her back to us! Ha ha! I don’t know why I think that is funny, but I am glad to have my dog back for a few days at least (until Joe finds her a new home).
2. Joe started a new job last week. He is the Creative Media Director for Discovery Church. Its a perfect job for him. He loves being creative, he’s a great story teller, he is loves the Church. Its all good. He is still doing his old job in the mornings, selling credit card processing (exciting!) but he gets to keep his book of sales which is a financial plus for us! YEAH!
3. My mother-in-law just started a 4 week study on LOVE for woman at our church. Tonight was the first night and it was great.
4. We have decided to TURN OUR CABLE BACK ON!!! For the past 5 or 6 months, we have been highly motivated (as a result of taking Dave Ramsey’s finacial peace class) to be completely DEBT FREE (except our house). So, in an effort to meet that goal, we slimmed down the budget. But as of last month…we have reached that goal! YEAH! One of the things we decided we can put back in the budget is cable…and just in time for football season! Horray!


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