Bye, Molly

Since December, our little family has been myself, Joe and Molly, our little beagle. But as of tomorrow it is only going to be Joe and I again. As it turns out, beagles like to howl. Since Joe and I work all day, Molly has to stay in her crate (which makes me so sad) and she howls because we are gone. This does not bode well with the neighbors. We own a condo that has people living below us and they have complained. On top of that, my husband, despite all his efforts, is just not a dog lover. He got Molly for me, hoping she would grow on him, but she hasn’t. A friend of ours who lives down the street owns a beagle, Harley, and wanted to find him a little play mate. When he heard about our Molly trouble, he asked if he could take her. After much crying and thinking about it, we’ve decided it’d be better for Molly to have a little friend so she wouldn’t be lonely all day in her crate. I am very sad about it but I know it’s what is best for her.

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