Picture Taking Contest

What would you do if you had access to a really nice camera only for one night? Have a picture taking contest, of course! Joe and I headed off to downtown Orlando tonight, camera in tow, and took turns snapping shots. I’ll let you be the judge…which picture do you think is best?

Joe’s Picture #1 : A spooky shot of me outside an old house.
Joe Picture #2 : A shot of me looking at the city

Catie’s Picture #1 : Joe adjusting his hat (I climbed a tree to take this picture and just as I got situated a group of people we knew yelled from across the street, “Is that Catie Loveless in a tree?!” Yes, it was. Thank you very much. A minor embarassment, all for the sake of art.)

Catie Picture #2 : Close up of Joe (This is my favorite – that husband of mine is just so good looking!)


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