Catrambone Family Picnic

Every year, on the first Sunday in August, my entire family heads to our cottage for a Family Picnic. This year was the 50th Anniversary of the picnic. I wasn’t able to attend, due to flight costs and Dave Ramsey, but I have really happy memories going to the cottage in the summers growing up. I’ve played many a softball games there, had many a bonfires, invited many a friends and taken many a walks down to the lake to play on the beach or swing on the old swings. When I got the pictures below, I choked up at the site of that white house with the “big C”.

This is everyone.

This is my family (Gram, her siblings, their kids, their kid’s kids, and even the great-grankids)


One thought on “Catrambone Family Picnic

  1. I loved when we went there…two wonderful times!! That was where I had the hugest crush on Noel…wish you were here so we could laugh about it:)Love you

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